Ricochet to Dance with the Octopus at Troy Savings Bank Music Hall

On November 14th, Ricochet Duo is heading to Troy, NY to perform on The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall‘s Music at Noon concert series. With a most untamed manner, our program entitled “Dance with the Octopus” highlights works inspired by imitating, emulating, and encompassing all things animal with the aim of getting the young, and the older, hooting, buzzing, chirping, and dancing in their seats.

This performance merges two Ricochet Duo programs, one entitled “Dances” and the other, “Feather, Fur & Scales.” Although the latter is still under development, we recognizes that “play” is inherent in both dancing and, whether one is a cat, dog, or bird lover, just about everyone love of animals in one way or another (social media can attest to that).

Here’s a sampling of the program:

  • William Bolcom — “Old Adam” from The Garden of Eden
  • George Hamilton Green — Chromatic Foxtrot
  • Red Norvo — Dance of the Octopus
  • Marc Mellits — “Evil Yellow Penguin” from Tight Sweater Remix
  • Takashi Yoshimatsu — “Interlude with Birds” from Pleiades Dances
  • Jesús Castillo — Fiesta de Pájaros! (piano only)
  • Chen Yi — Miao Dances from China West Suite
  • Hilary Tann — “Kestrel” from Solstice *
  • Doug OpelPlaytime with Elvis and Krispy *
  • Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov — Flight of the Bumble Bee (marimba only)
  • Garth FarrTuatara

* These two works were commissioned by Ricochet Duo for our “Woodswoman Project”

This is a free event, and you can bring your lunch and listen.  Click here for details and directions to The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall.