Connecting through Craigslist, Rose Chancler and Jane Boxall joined forces as a contemporary classical piano and marimba ensemble. As Ricochet Duo, they have crafted a number of programs ranging from a program of music by women composers to a broad-ranging selection of ragtime and tango music featuring works by Stravinsky, Piazzolla, Milhaud and George Hamilton Green alongside the new composition El Punto, written for Ricochet Duo by Argentine composer Lucas Guinot.
Selected for the 2014-15 New York State Presenters Artist Roster, Ricochet Duo’s recent focus has been launching “The Woodswoman Project: A Tribute to Anne LaBastille.”
While the instrumentation’s timbre and sonority are extremely intriguing, the repertoire available is notably limited. Ricochet’s drive to collaborate with composers has resulted in works by Hilary Tann, Doug Opel, Bill Pfaff, Rain Worthington, Marc Mellits, Joelle Wallach, Lucas Guinot, and Faye-Ellen Silverman.
In the past, performances have included community and regional presenters to college residencies. While the majority of our activity has taken place in the northeastern part of the United States, we are eager to broaden our horizons.
If you are a presenter with any inkling of interest in our work, please do contact us. We’d be delighted to have a conversation with you about what program may fit with your programming and tickle your audience!