Concert Programs

We are delighted you are curious about the Ricochet Duo programs!
While the timbre and sonority of piano and marimba are extremely intriguing, the repertoire available for the combination is notably limited. Ricochet Duo has accepted the challenge and continually looking for works to program and always interested in collaborating with composers and presenters to bring together an enticing musical “package” for audiences to explore the combination of these magnificent instruments. They’re closer then you might think!
Ricochet Duo currently has the following programs available for inclusion on a concert series or to use as a centerpiece of an artist residency.
  • Dances (alternatively titled “Rags and Tangos”)
  • The Woodswoman Project: A Tribute to Anne Labastille
  • Women Composers
  • Point to Point:  Continental Connect
  • Ricochet Wired! (still under development)
  • Feathers, Fur, and Scales
If you are interested in detailed descriptions for any of the above, feel free to contact us directly with your inquiry.
Thank You!