Prelude to Solstice: Come Listen to Imperceptible Dissolution

On this Earth Day we note that in her first book of the Woodswoman series, Anne LaBastille talks of the breakup as the “prelude to spring. The breakup is a prelude to comfort. The breakup is a prelude to companionship. Through it the lakes, ponds, and rivers are loosed from winter’s rigid fetters—the ice.” Anne continues to write:

I have never seen the breakup take place. Yet every year I watch for it, always expecting a great exodus of ice. Expecting a rumbling, crushing, tumbling, tilting, crashing, and scraping down the lake and its shoreline. But this rarely happens. Instead, it’s a gentle, imperceptible dissolution with none of the stern precision of freeze-up.Anne LaBastille

Hilary Tann‘s piece entitled “Solstice” was commissioned by Ricochet Duo to honor Adirondack “Woodswoman” Anne LaBastille. Anne’s description of the breakup and “imperceptible dissolution” became the inspiration for the prelude to “Solstice.”

We hope you can take a listen to this “imperceptible dissolution” by joining Ricochet Duo and composer Hilary Tann on Wednesday, May 13th. Ricochet Duo’s The Woodswoman Project is being presented in the intimate GE Theatre at Proctor’s in Schenectady as part of the Adirondack Week festivities sponsored by The Kelly Adirondack Center at Union College.

For more details about this multi-media program & ticket info, click here!

photo by and courtesy of Todd Happer